Gordon's List 2016

Even my cynical self is shaken this year, so let’s focus on:

  • potato chips
  • french fries
  • wonderful Vietnamese cuisine
  • lack of miles in the sky
  • recapturing memories of > decade ago
  • finding that those earth shattering moments you had always wondered about (ears, tantrums, dresses, peer pressure) might not be unsurmountable
  • always, bikes, outside, mountains, sea, beaches, trees et al
  • traditions, and this is updated to 10 years of my posts (because Danika thought it would be a good idea):
  • supportive family structures


  • Dang you Martin, it’s got to be Delilah Dirk and the sequel and I’m pretty sure they are Lucy’s too.  So although I read almost all of the James SA Corey, a graphic novel captures the win.


I sort of finally started the streaming thing this year (Amazon Prime) so that might have contributed to a lack of excitement, focus and stand out albums, but three solid, solid, well played (according to my iTunes) albums of the year are:


Not been keeping track.  Enjoyed Star Wars but am going to go with the Netflix streaming TV thing and certainly the start of the season, and the finale, of:


2 Replies to “Gordon's List 2016”

  1. Thanks for sharing the archives Gordon, and that the seemingly insurmountable is most often able to climb.

  2. 10 years! That’s awesome 🙂
    and Yes Star Wars! How did I forget star wars when I was making my list? I for real cried in the theater.

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