Tessa's 2016 TG List

What a year! There have been upsets, disappointments, stress, and fear… but there have also been some truly beautiful, silly, and inspiring moments too.  One of my beloved aunties says something to the effect of ” life is a ride; I’m glad I bought a ticket;” and I couldn’t agree more. This year I am thankful for so much:

Buying my first property (that was in rough enough shape that I could afford it);

Aaron’s job which lets him come home so much more than I thought;

special deliveries of tea at work… see above;

being a bridesmaid in my dear friend Alyssa’s wedding in Mexico and everything else about that trip;

gummy candy, Smucker’s all natural peanut butter, and seltzer water in every flavor except pomegranate margarita (seriously, how did they made it taste so horrible??);

animal videos of every sort;

a packed lunch on a busy morning;

walks with Cole and Aaron and weekend coffees;

having a very experienced administrative assistant who is organized in all the ways I am not;

my personal  handyman, Arron, who not only encouraged me to buy a house but has dropped everything on numerous occasions to deal with my tenants, rip up cat damaged floors and install beautiful bamboo floors, install radiators, dry-walled the house, and build doors;

my mamma who has also thrown herself into making my first foray into home ownership a positive one.  She has planted bulbs, scared off all the  feral cats with lavender, painted the houses, hung curtain rods, weeded and brought snacks to keep us (Aaron) going;

dinners with Ed;

all the travel on deck Switzerland and Sweden with my favorite travel partner; and

the semi-colon.

Favorite quote of the year: “everything will work out in the end, and if it doesn’t… it isn’t over yet”







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