Karima's List – 2017

  • Maps and their makers
  • Street signs (accurate and readable)
  • Navigation systems
  • Stellar traveling companions
  • Getting lost with stellar companions
  • Foraging for wild fruit (w/Lucy & Bea)
  • Water
  • Church bells
  • Willowlawn Street Block Club
  • Short retirement speeches
  • All the good people who give so tirelessly of themselves to try to keep our world viable
  • Health Care and Public Health providers who work so diligently,  and often at great odds,  to help keep our bodies, minds and worlds whole and sustaining
  • Urban farmers and gardeners
  • Politicians who truly are public servants, not self-servers
  • Our young people, do many of whom begin their adult lives under crushing debt, who continue to strike out and build lives for themselves in increasingly creative ways
  • Those who use their power for good ( Shame on you all you sexual predators!!!)
  •  A mother who raised me to be fearless and grab life by the horns
  • Spending so much time with Aunt Dominica during her closing days on this earth
  • All of you, my Dear Ones



Fiction:  Reunion: A Novella by Fred Uhlman

Non-fiction: Dogs of God: Christopher Columbus, the Inquisition and the Defeats if the Moors by James Reston Jr.

Poetry: Life on Mars by Tracy K. Smith

Lecture: Terry Tempest Williams (Babel)

Concert: “Poland’s Maestro” Krzysztof Penderecki conducts the Buffalo Philharmonic

Theater: Visiting Mr. Green @ Jewish Repetory Theater

Best Meal: Isia’s in Sesimbra, Portugal


  • Clemency
  • Forgiveness
  • Welcome