Greg' List

Basking in the comfort of finally being back home after a wonderful 2 week European vacation, I have so much to be thankful for.

Good linen, a comfortable mattress and Sunday morning laziness;

Bikes, trails, a fairly long biking season, biking buddies who don’t take this biking thing too seriously, sharing lunch and a cocktail with them at some point during a 25+ mile trip, and a solo ride once or twice a week in addition;

Retirement, the first year was pretty darn awesome and the start of this second year has not ebbed my enthusiasm for the concept;

The affordability of solar panels. Yes there will be a purchase in the coming year at the Willowlawn Estate;

Travel with a worthy adventurer, let’s see last year was San Diego, Orangeburg, Mexico, the St. Joseph’s Day New Orleans road trip with stops in N.C.,  NOLA, Orangebhurg, D.C., then Ballard, Portugal and Spain, which brings us to Thanksgiving in Chicago with the fam!!! Isn’t this retirement thing awesome;

Jazz and its ever increasing availability and a spouse that appreciates my appreciation of same;

Roaring fires in our fireplace;

Our new awning in the backyard;

A summer of grilling and now a fall and winter featuring comfort food.


There were so many good ones

Scott Tixier a french jazz violinist.


I Called Him Morgan (Documentary on the life of Jazz Muscian Lee Morgan);

Chasin’  Trane (John Coltrane Documentary)

Wonder Woman


Malala talk at U.B.


As usual it’s the most recent read, The Man From Mars by Robert Heinlien.




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