Phyllis' List

  • Friends who love to laugh out loud and appreciate the magic and transcendence in baring our souls to each other
  • Doing work that is challenging, fulfilling, stressful and fun, and getting paid for it!
  • Only 3 more years to retirement
  • Being the caretakers of cats who enjoy being cuddled and hugged.
  • Having an acupuncturist who keeps me healthy and moving without pain.
  • Snow and lots of it for cross country skiing. I never get enough of taking in the colors and shapes of the forest and the beauty of the snow on the trees.
  • Overcoming the fear of riding my new road bike. She is a beautiful teal blue and fits me like a glove. I took her over hill and dale in the Tug Hill plateau this summer. We are so happy together!
  • Finding a new restaurant in Syracuse, Fabio’s, that has decor reminiscent of Buffalo’s Salvatore’s Italian Garden ( more tasteful, I think). Their eggplant parmesan with a light smoky under layer of flavor melts in your mouth.
  • The movie Hidden Figures. Should have gotten an Oscar and Academy Award.
  • The book, The Mind That Changes Itself. It inspires me to avoid saying never.

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