Danika’s 2017 Thanksgiving list

Danika’s Thanksgiving list

This year has been stressful and demoralizing, let’s face it! But today, I choose to focus on the positive.

I am, as always, thankful for a steady paycheck, a roof over my head, the good health of my nearest and dearest, and my ever-loving community of family and friends. In addition…
-getting my running mojo back
-Lucy’s insatiable curiosity and sharp intellect
-Beatrix’s passion and zeal for almost everything she does
-Gordon’s willingness to tackle insane physical endeavors with me (specifically an 18-20 mile day hike through the Enchantments)
-planes, trains and automobiles, especially ones that are clean and on time
-picking up with old friends as if you saw them the day before no matter how much time has passed
-being part of the women’s march, January 2017

Book- “The hidden life of trees”
Trip- Paris/London/Scotland
Movies- Lion, Moonlight
Podcast- Strangers, 99% Invisible