Sandra's List

I am thankful for a year of live music:

Randy Newman and The Preservation Jazz Band at Prairie Home Companion, live, with the excitable Chris Thiele,  for less than $40 bucks, with free parking in front of the theater. You gotta love Saint Paul!

John Prine at the U of MN, still rocking after all these years

Jazz at The Dakota, just about any headliner

Local bands…at craft beer breweries, at Dusty’s Bar and grill, at the park….especially Six Still Standing and DaVina and the Vagabonds….  all free, all with free parking out front or easy train access


Being able to fall asleep reading every night

My days off

Looking at art on my walls and personally knowing every artist

Riding my robin blue scooter

Children moving back to Saint Paul (what are you waiting for, Elliott?)

A nudge from Karima to list my gratitudes



Fiction: A Fine Balance by Rohinton Misty, Reunion by Fred Uhlman and Hinterland by Caroline Brother

Nonfiction: Dark Money by Jane Mayer

Series: 1st season of Stranger Things and 1st season of Atypical

Music:  I am going to listen to what everyone else listed








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