Karima’s 2018 List

In these divisive times, when worldly happenings can be so discouraging, I am unspeakably grateful for:

  • domestic rituals (Sunday morning Spelling Bee with My Honey)
  • simpatico traveling companions ( you know who you are!)
  • clear directions/readable maps
  • gel bandages
  • bridges
  • bees
  • bothies (unlocked shelters for travelers, throughout UK)
  • my body. it has and continues to serve me so well
  • restaurants that have gone strawless
  • availability of EVERYTHING we need and so much more
  • being a Senior Citizen (it has so many advantages, like being able to audit college classes for free!)
  • having my family close-at-hand, and/or heart
  • my perennials: the public library, clotheslines, foraging for wild fruit (esp. with my granddaughters)
  • all the hard-working people (there are SO MANY) with sincere hearts and able hands who work tirelessly for GOODNESS.


Words: sanctuary, forgiveness, welcome, participation, diligence


  • Fiction: Sing Unburied Sing by Jesmyn Ward
  • Nonfiction:  The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
  • Poetry: Stones by Irene Sipos
  • Children’s: A Different Pond by Bao Phi

Theater: The Ice Man Cometh with Denzel Washington (on Broadway)

Movie:  Coming Home (2014, Chinese)

Podcast:  99% Invisible

Meal: ANY meal sitting around a table with my family and/or dear friends

Concert: Seeing the Austin Piazzolla Quintet at Pausa

CD: Devils & Demons  AP Quintet

Travel: (in order of occurrence)

  • Whidbey Island with Lucy
  • NYC with Greg
  • Via Francigena with Sandra