JoMarie”s 2018 list

*So very thankful for the opportunity to have finally traveled to my Sicilian father’s village of Valledolmo in September and meet my Sicilian cousins in Palermo.  The simpatico , food and time together was heartwarming and embracing and life-changing.

  • For another wonderful bike trip in Italy with my husband, Rick and best travel buddies, my brother John and his fluent in Italian wife, Louise.
  • For Healthy, Happy HENRY, our 3 month old grandson who entered this world very traumatically in Burlington, VT and spent the first week of his life in NICU! he is thriving beautifully and pure joy.
  • For my new book club I have joined this year and the book smart , liberated women in the group.( so grateful there are liberated women living in the red state of Florida)


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