Tessa’s 2018 list

I missed last year’s list so I will have to make up for it now:

First and foremost I am thrilled to be living in my own home with my sweetie who rebuilt it for me with his own two hands- I am always amazed by your talent and work ethic.

To that end, Aaron and I have had a lot of help making our house a home– looking at you mamma, our garden is spectacular!

I am ever thankful that we found Remy who is my right hand pup- literally he wants to hold hands all the time…

Negotiating and navigating my way into a new job.

Any opportunity to travel with Aaron 🙂

Down comforters, tea, seltzer water, sunshine, artichokes, and daydreaming.

Animal videos, always

Having my sister (from another mister) living back in Buffalo, our dog walks are so wonderful, even when Rems tries to wrestle with Lil’ Baby Gizmo. Also, Yonce’ still breathless.

Patience… mostly other people’s with me.

Good food and leftovers from people who are far more skilled in the kitchen. (especially that salmon Greg)

Special food deliveries from Mamma when she knows its been a long week.

Staying in with my boys and made up songs about Rems.

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