Ben’s list

So I realize I haven’t participated in this every year, but let me start with

  •  traditions
  • a family committed to such traditions
  • Spending more time with extended family
  • this year
  • (surprisingly) A Hyundai Tucson that has put as many miles, in 7 months, that got put on it in 3 years, and is still running with no real issues.
  • As well, a tiny camper that has survived those months.
  • A well traveled road and the friends and family that made it even more memorable.
  • 3 incredible traveling companions
  • Snow (please remember it is a concept I have not had a lot of in my life, though the season is young)


– sorry, I never learned to read


– A Star is Born (great soundtrack)

– Solo


– Hamilton (whaaaaat, 2nd row? Sorry, not rubbing it in, but what a great experience)

MY WIFE!!!!!!!!!!! (I know these list are not suppose to be about the obvious, but everything on my list is because of her)


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