Bob C’s Thanksgiving thoughts

Always a lot to be thankful for, which I too often forget.  Here are a few random items:

Short stories and those who were talented and generous enough to create them.  A few I most highly recommend:

  • The Need for Something Sweet by Nadine Gordimer
  • Dear Life by Alice Munro
  • Cathedral by Raymond Carver
  • Breaker of Horses by William Kittredge

And Shakespeare:  Here’s a fragment, well-known but not his most famous, and most appropriate for this time of year.  Often called the Winter’s Song it’s from Love’s Labour Lost, Act V, Scene 2 and begins “When icicles hang by the wall”  An internet search will get you there.

And, the birds that visit our backyard:

  • The ever-angry hummingbirds, fastest-living of all warm-blooded creatures, fighting over the sugar water that will get them through 18-hour nights.
  • The flocks of bush-tits (AKA flying golf balls), tiny gray birds who materialize from nowhere, stop for a few seconds or maybe 15, then are off in a huge hurry to the next yard.
  • The crows who patiently and skillfully dig through the oak leaves for something that will sustain them.  They must be successful, because they come back every morning.
  • The flocks of goldfinches, some of them dull, some of them brilliant yellow, who are light enough to hang on this year’s stems and pick out tiny seeds, dropping most of them into the dirt to sprout next spring.

The beauty that is everywhere:

  • Leaves on the sidewalk
  • Fog on spectacular spiderwebs
  • Clouds. Sky.
  • Stars and the moon.
  • Beautiful bare trees in winter.

And, that feeling you get when you dive into deep, cold water on a hot day and you are surrounded by the water and you let yourself be taken where it will take you (not to worry, you always bob to the surface where there’s air).  The feeling of being surrounded by bubbles and of visiting the fish-world and being among little trout.  Swimming underwater toward a waterfall until the bubbles overwhelm you and the water proves once again it is stronger than you are and you let yourself get pushed back and you pop up, and breathe.

Happy Thanksgiving.




2 Replies to “Bob C’s Thanksgiving thoughts”

  1. Wow! Such a list! You always give us so much to think about, so many books to check out, so many birds to turn our sights on.
    I will carry the image of being underwater, beneath a waterfall, for many days to come.
    Breath and bubbles,

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