Cory’s List

  • The many blessings of Laura’s Grandmother Martha Mullkoff, who passed in her sleep the morning of 11/19
  • Eugene’s smile
  • Bayard’s imagination
  • Hugs from Laura
  • Bountiful crops of sweet potatoes
  • Real voicemail messages from people I love
  • Art made from teabags and the cool ladies who make it
  • The ability to live for 99 years and keep on ticking
  • Lin Manuel Miranda, Alexander Hamilton, and the families that travel for them
  • The “coolest museum in the werld” (Smithsonian Air and Space) and the uncles who take their nephews there
  • Pictures of trains, trains, the green line, and Metra
  • Travelers, migrants, immigrants
  • Freedom of the press
  • The persistence of relationships with siblings
  • The persistence of doctors
  • White Iron Lake
  • Comp time
  • A well made cup of coffee

Movie: Coco

TV Show: insecure

Book:  Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynn Truss (it’s been my lullaby most of the year, I read 2-3 pages and fall asleep.)

Social Media: skateboard videos on instagram

Something I heard the other day: If the only prayer I ever say is “thank you” that will be enough.

3 Replies to “Cory’s List”

  1. I remember that for a time (when you were in college) we signed our letters with pithy food-related phrases like “truly tomatoes” or “spaghetti dreams”
    This year, my closing to you is
    “Persistence and pomegranates”
    “Mango migrations”

  2. I love persistence and pomegranates- that could be a recipe for a full and healthy life. Thank you for keeping this tradition alive- and I’d love to see a translation of your post in Italian.

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