Greg’s 2018 List

I am thankful for many, many things and these are but a few that come to mind as I look at snow covered rooftops from my man cave on this blustery beautifully frigid Thanksgiving morning:

– Having a wood guy that has a seemingly unlimited amount of cherry wood

-A working fireplace that is being put to the test at this very moment and every Sunday morning from November through March

-Retirement and the ability to travel whenever we are inspired by the prospect of new adventures or the opportunity to revisit old ones

-Train rides where we can take advantage of the opportunity to see the country pass by our window at a manageable and less hectic pace, and/or read a book and/or do nothing at all

-The mid-term’s Blue Wave that brings much needed diversity and hope for a better tomorrow

-Daughters, son-in-laws, granddaughters and grandsons (that’s right I am claiming Bayard and Gene too!!!!)

-The opportunity to spend some quality time with my mother these last few years and the family and friends that helped and supported her and us throughnthe good times and the not so good times, thank you all

-Bike rides and walks in the park

-My bike riding buddies; my friends and loved ones that catch live jazz shows and/or sporting events with me; and my peers from the legal community that periodically have lunch with me and keep me in touch with my former life

-And doing the Sunday morning puzzle in front of the fire with the one that makes life sooooo much better


Play: The Iceman Cometh on Broadway with Denzel Washington

Movie: Black Panther; Sorry To Bother You; and Antman and the Wasp with Lucy and Bea

Jazz Festival: The D.C. Jazz Festival

Books: Sing Unburied Sing by Jesyman Ward (Fiction)

Hoop Roots by John Edgar Wideman (Nonfiction)

TV Shows: Goliath; Bosch; and Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime)

Luke Cage; Daredevil; Wanderlust; Dear White People; and Jessica Jones (Netflix)


3 Replies to “Greg’s 2018 List”

  1. Claim Gene and Bay all day – They take all the grandparents they can get!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

  2. from Lyn and Al, We are so thankful that our families keep growing closer, we’re happy to share Bay and Gene, even as we are spread all over the country, and we will claim Vivian, too, even having met her just once!

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