Laura’s list

This year I am so thankful for

  • My whole family being able to be together to celebrate the life of my amazing grandma.
  • Modern medicine and caring doctors and nurses
  • Readily available bags of A – blood
  • A sweet baby boy that smiles way more then he cries
  • A sweet big kid learning to jump so so far, run so so fast, and ask big questions.
  • A mom that comes to help when I need her most
  • Cory’s strength and unwavering love
  • Traveling with friends, traveling to see friends, traveling for adventure
  • Building ceramics with new and old students
  • Oceans, rivers and lakes, and always our big lake
  • Exploring nature on Chicago’s south side
  • Short term disability leave
  • A gas fire place


The Round House – Louise Erdrich

Behold the Dreamers – Imbolo Mbue

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman




The Trouble

And always – This American Life


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  1. I remember your Grandma from your wedding. Watching her, I thought to myself, “I hope someday to be like this woman, who is SO PRESENT at her granddaughter’s wedding. ”
    You truly honored her, and she the same to you.

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