coree’s list from tennessee

Humdinger of a year, wasn’t it?

The biggie here is that we hosted the Thanksgiving feast for my family here at our new house this year.   I pulled out the china and everything.  This has been years in the works and it was a beautiful success.  So, thankful for that.

So glad to be writing in this year from our new house, on our new farm, up on the hill where the sun shines so good – the dream continues to unfold.  We have so much to be grateful about.   It is a pleasure to watch my daughter’s wishes realized as she works with the two horses we inherited from some dear friends.  It is a pleasure to sit with my milk cow and listen to her chew her cud.  She likes to be scratched under her chin and behind her ears.  She breathes nice and slow.  It is a pleasure to watch the goats play and eat the honeysuckle vines.  I’m thankful to have mastered the making of a really nice chevre this year.  It’s a pleasure to share this land with beaver, deer, wild turkey, and bobcats.  And it is such an amazing pleasure to watch the full moon rise out of the trees on Thanksgiving Eve.

May all beings be this blessed.

I don’t keep up with movies or music very well, but I read this book and would highly recommend it to absolutely everyone: The Power, by Naomi Alderman.

Peace be with you all.

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