JoMarie”s 2018 list

*So very thankful for the opportunity to have finally traveled to my Sicilian father’s village of Valledolmo in September and meet my Sicilian cousins in Palermo.  The simpatico , food and time together was heartwarming and embracing and life-changing.

  • For another wonderful bike trip in Italy with my husband, Rick and best travel buddies, my brother John and his fluent in Italian wife, Louise.
  • For Healthy, Happy HENRY, our 3 month old grandson who entered this world very traumatically in Burlington, VT and spent the first week of his life in NICU! he is thriving beautifully and pure joy.
  • For my new book club I have joined this year and the book smart , liberated women in the group.( so grateful there are liberated women living in the red state of Florida)


Gene’s list 2018

I am thankful for —

a warm bed

hot dogs strung up like Christmas lights

“tickly water”  (genre:  small kids’ talk)

a chance to make this list once again


Karima’s 2018 List

In these divisive times, when worldly happenings can be so discouraging, I am unspeakably grateful for:

  • domestic rituals (Sunday morning Spelling Bee with My Honey)
  • simpatico traveling companions ( you know who you are!)
  • clear directions/readable maps
  • gel bandages
  • bridges
  • bees
  • bothies (unlocked shelters for travelers, throughout UK)
  • my body. it has and continues to serve me so well
  • restaurants that have gone strawless
  • availability of EVERYTHING we need and so much more
  • being a Senior Citizen (it has so many advantages, like being able to audit college classes for free!)
  • having my family close-at-hand, and/or heart
  • my perennials: the public library, clotheslines, foraging for wild fruit (esp. with my granddaughters)
  • all the hard-working people (there are SO MANY) with sincere hearts and able hands who work tirelessly for GOODNESS.


Words: sanctuary, forgiveness, welcome, participation, diligence


  • Fiction: Sing Unburied Sing by Jesmyn Ward
  • Nonfiction:  The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
  • Poetry: Stones by Irene Sipos
  • Children’s: A Different Pond by Bao Phi

Theater: The Ice Man Cometh with Denzel Washington (on Broadway)

Movie:  Coming Home (2014, Chinese)

Podcast:  99% Invisible

Meal: ANY meal sitting around a table with my family and/or dear friends

Concert: Seeing the Austin Piazzolla Quintet at Pausa

CD: Devils & Demons  AP Quintet

Travel: (in order of occurrence)

  • Whidbey Island with Lucy
  • NYC with Greg
  • Via Francigena with Sandra



Welcome to 2018

Who knows really how tonight, Election Night, will end up, but for now we can give Thanks for being alive.

As per previous years, we will use a simple limited time use username and password:

  • Username: tg2018
  • Password: newblue

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Keep the list true and simple:

* things to be thankful for, avoiding the normal givens such as family

* memories of 2018 (aka favourite books, movies, smells, music etc)

Happy Thanksgiving!