Message from admin: Lost Your Password

The problem with the Thanksgiving list is you only use it once a year, so forgetting your password can be a problem!

If you do forget you password then we can email you a reset link.

  • Click on “Lost Your Password?” on the Login page.
  • Use your username and email address from last time. For spam reasons I’m not going to list your email addresses, but this list of usernames might help you remember:
    • Bonhohndi
    • corderl
    • cory
    • cricket gordon
    • e
    • eugenewyates
    • Greg
    • jbondi
    • kim
    • lailabondi
    • Rachel
    • sandra
    • Sitara
    • superza
    • zangwoman
    • ZAYNAB
  • The website will email you a reset link – this email will come from a user called wordpress at the website – this may very well be marked as spam or junk, so keep an eye out for that
  • If you receive that email it is very easy to follow the steps to change you password
  • If you do not receive that email then go to Plan B. Plan B is:
    • Email gordon or danika and we will either:
      • Post your list for you, or
      • Reset your password

      Tell us what you would prefer

Happy Thanksgiving, may the turkey and cranberry flow!