Karima's 2006 List

utilities and people who share theirs when you have none (e.g. Greg)
saws and people who know how to use them (e.g my next door neighbor)

all the noble folks who worked so hard to bring us LIGHT and HEAT

food in the larder, money in the bank


clothespins (such brave little household attendants)


ancestors that gave me a strong footing

people that NOTICE

polite people
all my daily fumbles (that keep me humble)

minor adjustments that change everything

finding stuff I thought was lost

the public library

digital cameras


writing/receiving real old-fashioned letters (e.g. Sandra)

being cooked for, and quite majestically (Greg)

leftovers (extending the savor)

the rustle of the unexpected

And to all my Dear Ones who are as gorgeous as eggplants, as vigorous as morning glory tendrils and have hearts as big as hubbards.

A tall sunflower nod to you all. May your seeds spread far and wide.


Yearly favorites:


Fiction: Heartbeat by Sharon Creech

Nonfiction: The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher
Short Story Collection: The Last Lovely City by Alice Adams


The Big Sleep

Little Miss Sunshine

Going to the Italian Film Festival with Greg, Laila, Tessa, John and Cynde and seeing and loving, once again, Moonstruck.


@Au Pied de Cochon (Montreal)


Soundtrack from the movie Transamerica


“You can’t patch every hole.”

~Grandma Gullo

“If you let things go, what you get is gone.”

~John Lloyd

Tessa's List

people that hold the door open for you

a week with no tests or papers due

a good ballet class

the ability to travel

Coming home and sleeping with my puppy….good source of heat!

Places that have little coffee shops (somehting I miss about buffalo. There is nothing at Geneseo. bleh)

Ginger Chocolates!

having my favorite foods when I come home

Good smells

people who wash your dish just because

flat ground… I always thought hills were nice until I had to walk up them at 9 in the morning

Fall: I love stepping on crunchy leaves!

The new Science building at geneseo:amazing!

having plants on my windowsill

Seeing people outside when it’s nice out!

Nice days! when it’s not rainy, sun and rainbows are very nice things to see

YouTube, i watch ballet videos obsessively

My laptop! helps me keep in touch, and lowers the seemingly endless amount of time I spend in the library.

My Bio lab group; very effective and reliable people

Fun lab equiptment! I heart centerfuging!

Unamerican cuisine, anything from home, just good food in general! (can you tell im a little sick of cafeteria food?)

I know this is against the rules but I believe this year it is really necessary for me to say that out of all things I am thankful for my family. I have the best support system there is, and I truely think I hit the jackpot when i was born…

hrmm favorite book and movie

book: this is a bit hard seeing as i haven’t been reading much besides my text books and let me tell you that is not my favorite…i guess ill have to go with the book that I have not finished ..in fact i am only on page 10 so i can’t really tell you how wonderful it is. Mountains Beyond Mountains…by Tracey Kidder very interesting!

oh and also The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman: another great read not novely but something interesting

movies: Little Miss Sunshine

and The Departed

Favorite quotes:

“There is not a sprig of grass that shoots uninteresting to me.”

Thomas Jefferson

well this is my horoscope I just thought that it was quite nice for me at the time:

Climbing Mt. Everest bored the renowned mountanier Alex Lowe, even when he did it solo without any supplemental oxygen. “Everest held none of the riddles he deligted in solving on remote wallls and unnamed ice smears,” wrote Outside Magazine. “He preferred places that offered serious consequences’ and little in the way of record book glory” One of Lowe’s colleagues added “It was astonishing what Alex was able to do. And do alone, without bragging,” Lowe hismelf once said ” The best climber is the one who had the most fun.” I reccomend his attiude for you right now capricorn. Go after the accomplishments that make your heart sing rather that those that make your ego swell.

Rob Brezny of Artvoice

Gems from the past

Here are a few gems from previous years:

curtains billowing in the breeze
having been taught the names of mountains
~Molly Sturdevant/2003
an “extra ” bathroom
~Irene Pakel /2001
the way the pool slides off you after a good shave and taper
safe landings and fufilling trips.
~Lyn Corder/2001
the sound of water rushing down a street sewer
~Gene Yates /2001
the sound of a paddle dipping in water
~another good one from Gene
the ability to make people laugh
the ability to remember where I’ve been
a man on his knees…on a ladder…in the yard…you get the picture.
~Paula Ryan/2002
momentary misperceptions that make familiar objects strange
sitting on the porch at night
wedded bliss (tee hee)
people who don’t play Christmas music before Thanksgiving!
mail from friends.
people that give directions in English
people who give you a brake in traffic.
~Grandpa Bondi/1999
dreams to attain.
~Tony Maligno/1999
to be traveling in the opposite direction of the traffic jam.
the chuckle of little ones.
~Aunt Mae Zanghi/2003
shovelled sidewalks.
~Cory Muldoon/1996
kisses that start out wanting to know…
~John Haupt/2003
for friends as unpretentious as cabbages.
~Mirek Piskacek/2002