Danika's 2013 list

This year, as always, I am grateful for many things. Chief among those is always having “enough” (food, air, water, clothes, etc.)

And also:

-2 incomes

-a growing savings account

-Snuggles in bed with Beatrix (I think I say this almost every year but am fully aware that these days are fleeting)

-Playing soccer again after almost 20 years!

-Forest walks/runs

-Weekend days with nothing scheduled

-A husband who is an equal partner in parenting

-Free parking

-House guests who cook you dinner

-Connections made

-Crunching leaves

-after 13 years of living in Seattle, FINALLY owning both rain boats and a good rain coat

-waking up to find a fresh pot of coffee already made (note- this happens almost every day)

-Cold, sunny days

-An office with a view of Lake Union and the mountains

-A flexible, supportive boss and an easy commute

-A car that always starts

-A daughter (Lucy) that has an insatiable love of books and reading. Also the joy of being able to share some of my own favorites from childhood with her.

-Teachers who work hard to educate the next generation

-Seeing the other perspective

-Generosity in all forms

-Being part of a community

-Having an amazing group of practitioners- (Physical therapist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, etc) who keep me healthy and active



Book: Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward and The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht

Movie: Sideways (still good after many years), Clear History

TV show: Call the Midwide, Downton Abbey

Trip: Anniversary trip to Santa Barbara with Gordon

Album: Um, I don’t think I listen to music anymore?



Karima 2013

Ringraziamento 2013

  • All my Dear Ones who participate in this (and those that do not. I know you’re out there!)
  • Unexpected connections
  • being a Mima
  • big houses full of loved ones and scrumptious food
  • coming home to good smells
  • the night sky
  • all the people who have preceded us that have worked so hard to open doors for us all(civil/women’s/children’s rights/, etc.)
  • all those people that are working so hard NOW to ensure freedom, fresh air, health. (marriage equality/hydorfracking/human trafficking, etc.)
  • my green bicycle
  • mailboxes on street corners/The Post Office
  • music; it calms this savage beast
  • Road trips with my Sweetheart, him driving, me knitting, and listening to stories together
  • salt (esp. black)
  • driving east in the mornings on way to work; see the sunrise every day
  • carpooling
  • that my hometown, Buffalo, NY, is still my home
  • Friday Friends
  • Dream Group
  • telling stories/reading, to a captive group of open-hearted five-year-olds, every day,  M-F
  • Inventors of simple, commonplace items.  Some examples:
  1.    ~The Kickstand: 1926, Eldon Henderson
  2.    ~The Clothespin: 1853, David M. Smith
  3.    ~ The Canning Jar: 1858, John Landis Mason
  • People who take notice like Korean photographer Ahae, who takes up to 3,000 photos a day from a single window of his home.
  • Always, ALWAYS, the Public Library

Notables 0f 2013:

Favorite Meal:

Place: New Orleans/Laila and Ben’s Driveway Dinner *****!
Chef: Ben Fox

Some Favorite books

Fiction: HEFT by Liz Moore

Non-fiction: THE  FARAWAY  NEARBY  by Rebecca Solnit

Short Stories: BLASPHEMY  by Sherman Alexi

Cookbook:  PLENTY & JERUSALEM by Ottolenghi

Children’s:  THE  DAY  THE  CRAYONS  QUIT  by Oliver Jeffers

Favored Saying: 

Expect nothing. Welcome everything. (from a homeless man with AIDS on the streets of Vancouver.)

Favorite Exhibit:

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei at Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) with Laila in October

Movie that CRACKED ME UP

This is 40

(esp. the roles played by Charlyn Yi and Melissa McCarthy)