Ryan's List 2014

Just a few things

Finding the Author Patrick Rothfuss http://www.patrickrothfuss.com/content/books.asp

Findings out I’m going to be an Uncle!!!

Being selected to lead a service trip for environmental conservation.

Aidan is off his asthma meds and doing awesome!

Surviving and learning in marriage for ten years.


Michael's List

Usually have a tough time thinking of things for this list but not this year:


Electrical power

A habitually well-stocked larder (thanks Grandma Delaney for the training)

Neighbors who will do absolutely anything to help you out

My ability (still) to regain my physical conditioning quickly. Got anything you want shoveled?


Board games

Well-built houses

Unexpected opportunities

Lots of friends and family members who want to make sure I am OK

Being in a marriage where the two of you can spend 5 days trapped in the same house together and still talk, smile, laugh, cuddle, and bring each other coffee in bed

Greg's List

So many things to be thankful for in this yet another eventful year, where do I start, how do I keep it short, can I play within the lines drawn up for this year’s list of contributors? I believe I am already failing, but I forge on, in a relentlessly failed attempt at brevity, I am thankful for the following:
Surgical Internships being five years and they all taking place in Buffalo;
My father’s peaceful homegoing;
McKinley’s Ass’t Varsity Basketball & Football Coach taking his talent to Orangeburg (a la Lebron James) and his new football team to the State Championship;
Our being able to go to Cleveland when the coach needed us there;
A certain ONU Alum passing every bar she took, after a stellar 3 years in Ada;
Vacationing in Seattle where I get to practice being Grandpa Greg, with two ever changing, growing and glowing willing participants;
Sharing wonderful dinners with the Friday Funk Patrol (staying within the rules by not saying friends);
My birthday boys and our almost monthly gatherings;
November fires (in our fireplace);
December fires;
January Fires;
and hopefully not needing a fire thereafter, no wait, that’s after retirement (less than two years he said with a resigned sigh);
Life at Willowlawn;
A house at a lake in Wisconsin, peopled by loved ones there to show love to a very special loved one, thanks to you all for making that happen;
An amazingly resilient mother; and
The briefest and yet most meaningful thing I am thankful for in one word MIMA (what was that…. you’re right Joe Bondi rules are meant to be broken).
Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, a wonderful Christmas and an even better 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tessa's Thanksgiving List

I will keep this short and sweet:

Homemade socks

Caramelized bananas in oatmeal

Passing NY and MA bars!


The Buffalo revival

Traveling for work and seeing the best fall has to offer

Social media and the ability to shut it off

Discovering new radio stations

New beginnings and adventures where you least expect it

And last but not least… to family that will travel across the country to get ice cream. Isn’t that just DANDY? 😉

Joe 2014

There is MUCH to be thankful for, and seeing it’s been a few years since I’ve contributed to this list (shame on me) I will attempt to convey a sincere apology yet also salute those who cherish the written word over another TV show, a computer game, or, an encore 2:00AM sit down with the screen of your laptop reflecting back with the God forsaken glow of FaceBook.

So in my absence, much has been a happening… What I’m thankful for I will address but before I take on such a task I must say, without apology, I don’t care for rules all that much unless of course they benefit myself in some fashion. With this, I must continue but in doing so I will move on only by starting with a rebuttal to this statement as a prerequisite of all to honor (or ignore) before writing:

  • We ask that you refrain from stating the obvious (family, friends, health, job)

I for one have things to say…. If I’m grateful for a family member, I don’t want to skirt around the fact. If I have a friend which has given me reason to feel grateful, I’m damn strait gonna say it. If I feel good for my age and want to toot my own horn for not needing any prescription drugs to maintain my presence, all while feeling grateful, you got it, I’m gonna tell ya about it. The job: To comment on this would be frivolous, because to comment about a job I believe whole heartedly that one must actually have a job to comment about a job, and, due to not having a job I will refrain from commenting. Yet, I do remember a time in which I did experience this nuance in life, It was an interesting occurrence-I will say that without regret, but, I must also add, there is a reason I no longer have a job, and that’s all I’ll say on that subject.

Family: AHH, an institution! Some may say a dying institution but I say not! As the traditional family today is possibly a side car for some, today’s traditional family in many cases is a smorgasbord of people, traditions, and ethnic blending. Though many may balk at the notion we are united, some would say we are racially and traditionally segregated, yet in the end I believe we are closer than we’ve ever been.                             Call it a merging of acceptance. Individual growth is only achieved through others, I guess it would be appropriate to say here that I wish I knew more people!

For my family, Yes I’m grateful! My daughter is awesome and about to start her own family while my son is etching out his own fantastic world enjoying his second year of college. My family in North Carolina: I am sharing time with brother, Dave & wife, Rose, and book ended with Karima to the north and John to the south. Looking back, my time here has been a learning process, looking forward, I’ll continue to learn more.

For your family and for mine, I wish for peace.

Friends: I’m not sure where any of us would be without a few true friends. They humble us. They are the ones who remind us after they share their family stories, that our family, just may not be as F’d up as we had previously thought. Though no one truly enjoys being one upped, I think most would concur on this subject it may be refreshing to know the friend you thought had it all together is a bigger mess than yourself.               To feel good about yourself, Keep your friends close, especially the ones who are more messed up than you, truly, you’ll feel better…

Health: Not much to report here: Things are good, which is certainly something to be grateful for.

Beyond all the above rule breaking I will add this:

Being a part of something for a long time and being a part of nothing for a shorter time, one has time to breathe. While every breath may not be as filtered as one would hope, it allows for growth. At any age, there is opportunity to grow and with that, one has everything!

  • I am grateful to be a father:
  • My daughter teaches me that over analyzing may just be the root to understanding
  • My son teaches me that no matter what, waking up every day with a content disposition outweighs most anything.
  • I am grateful for people with heart. Their numbers may be limited but when you are in the presence of such people they cast a mighty shadow.
  • I am grateful for wind chimes. Because they alert us when mother nature makes a change and with that, we are reminded that we can change with her and adopt to what she may bring with her the next time the chimes sing.
  • I am grateful to know the people I know, for they make me the person I am, though some may not always condone this.
  • I am grateful for my sister, for I am always in awe of who and what she is.
  • I am grateful to Greg, for he and my sister are both what they should be – when together.
  • I am grateful for brother John, because through everything, he displays determination and perseverance.
  • I am grateful for brother Dave, because he shows nobility through action and contentment with individuality.
  • I am grateful for Rose, because she was the part that made my brother whole. (She also taught me how to color her hair) and there’s not too many straight dudes who can throw that one down!
  • I am grateful for one particular individual for assisting me in getting where I am, though a path less traveled, it’s been a path of discovery.
  • I am grateful to be grateful. And God forbid I follow the rules next year, please say it’s not possible!

To All!

A very heartfelt Thanksgiving wish of only fondness and good memories for you and your loved ones!


Leon's list 2014

This year has been a trying and blessed year for me. I am thankful for a few things, and though I’m not suppose to say family, that is my number 1.  I am thankful that my mother had moved on to a stress free place and no longer has to suffer. Though I wish she was here with me, especially during these holidays, I’m glad I have you all. Everyone’s kind words during my toughest days helped make the process bareable. So for that I’m thankful for you all and your kind words and prayers.

Secondly I’m thankful to have my other mother, Kay, cancer free and getting stronger each day. There’s no way I could have dealt with another important female in my life leaving so soon.

Lastly, I’m thanksgiving for the new opportunity bestowed upon kim and I here in South Carolina. Though we miss buffalo we have been presented with a great opportunity to effect change in this small community. For all of these things we are thankful.

Some other things I discovered this year; Sam Smith – “In this lonely hour”, buzzfeed clean eating challenge, cooking light diet website, asics &newton running shoes, and being 1 game away from playing for a state title in football.

Cricket 2014

Thankful 2014
memories of my mother
my father who moves forward with patience and fortitude
the caretakers, ministers and Hospice workers who “walked my mother home”
the tenderness with which a nurse gave Mom her last bath
the strength and joy I received from my mother’s Memorial Service
condolence notes from so many friends
healing time on the Niagara River
loving Marzel, my granddaughter, and witnessing her enchantment with her fairy garden, dollhouse, and ragtag dress up costumes
painting with my father
the first fire of Fall
the end of Daylight Savings
windy days and nights
bells on my porch
the opportunity to build an ancestor altar
James Hollis (What Matters Most”)
connections between Jung and Dream Group and Spiritual Life
Westminster Church
Yoga and meditation with Carol
the comfort of writing
dancing with friends
and lastly,
and of course…ALWAYS
love, sweet love

Karima's 2014 List

I am taking the lead from Lucy’s 2013 list and keeping it simple.  I will also try to keep it brief (as per Laila 2013) but fear I will fail.

  • children, with all their wide-opened wonder
  • face-time
  • outdoor markets
  • outdoor meals
  • being outside at night-time
  • street food
  • street musicians
  • kind and quiet neighbors
  • honeybees
  • washi tape
  • you tube
  • podcasts
  • when the dots connect
  • playing with Poets
  • dreaming with Dreamers
  • rituals/routines
  • forgiveness
  • air travel that brings us safely to-and-from loved ones
  • growing older with a loving mate
  • home sweet home
  • freedom

My perennials:

  • public library
  • post office
  • clotheslines
  • Buffalo


  • Fiction:  The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Frye by Rachel Joyce
  • Non-fiction:  The Museum of Complaint ed. by Matthew Bakkom
  • Memoir:  Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? by Roz Chast
  • Poetry:  The Way to Rainy Mountain by N. Scott Mambay
  • Children’s (primary):  Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes (and accompanying video)


  • Saint Vincent (saw it last night so it’s on my mind)


  • Wisconsin in August to celebrate my 60th. Thank you to all who participated either by your attendance and/or submissions and esp. your LOVE


  • My birthday dinner put on by my ever-loving FAMILY


  • Angela Johnson at Helium ( a comedy club in Buffalo)

Current hero (heroine):

  • the older woman (80ish) in Seattle who I saw sweeping her walkway of leaves the day after Halloween.  She told me that she had scattered leaves the previous day so that the children would hear the “crunch” when they came to trick-or-treat.  I wish I had asked for her autograph.


  • “Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”  by A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Thanksgiving 2014

And the website is open once more for 2014.

Simple limited time use username and password:

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  • Password: tg2014

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I know it’s been a long time but keep the list true and simple:

* things to be thankful for

* memories of 2014 (aka favourite books, movies, smells, music etc)

Happy Thanksgiving!