Laila’s 2018 List

2018 has been good to me. I have much to be thankful for.

1. I’m so lucky to have been able to quit my job, pack up my house and roam this big, beautiful country. And I get to do it all with an amazing, patient and supportive partner, plus the sweetest goofiest puppies.

2. Eternally grateful for the wide network of family and friends who were instrumental in making this happen. From camping in people’s yards to helping us with our house when we were far, it’s no exaggeration to say we couldn’t have done it without you.

Now that the big, obvious ones are out there…

3. The realization that home is not necessarily a place, but a mindset.

4. The ability to quiet the wild mind and live life a few notches down from the normal.

5. To reflect on the vastness of my life thus far as I’m nearing 40.

Now that the existential stuff is out there…

6. Excellent tenants.

7. The number of women, LGBTQ and people of color who won elections in November.

8. A number of various travel companions with whom I get to plan new adventures.

9. Living, albeit temporarily, in my hometown, seeing it with fresh eyes and being close to family.

10. Yoga work trade.

11. Long walks and street art.

12. Green shoots in the garden.

13. Mama sending me the NY Times word puzzle every Sunday, and working it with Ben.

Best meal: KOKARRI ESTIATORIO in San Francisco. I put that in all caps on purpose because it’s that good.

Best show: BEYONCE. Janelle Monae strong runner up.

Best surprise: Winning the Hamilton lottery in NYC.

Best book: I read some old books this year that I’ve never read before, including the Bridge of San Luis Rey and The Left Hand of Darkness. But for new books, I really enjoyed the High Mountains of Portugal.


Bob C’s Thanksgiving thoughts

Always a lot to be thankful for, which I too often forget.  Here are a few random items:

Short stories and those who were talented and generous enough to create them.  A few I most highly recommend:

  • The Need for Something Sweet by Nadine Gordimer
  • Dear Life by Alice Munro
  • Cathedral by Raymond Carver
  • Breaker of Horses by William Kittredge

And Shakespeare:  Here’s a fragment, well-known but not his most famous, and most appropriate for this time of year.  Often called the Winter’s Song it’s from Love’s Labour Lost, Act V, Scene 2 and begins “When icicles hang by the wall”  An internet search will get you there.

And, the birds that visit our backyard:

  • The ever-angry hummingbirds, fastest-living of all warm-blooded creatures, fighting over the sugar water that will get them through 18-hour nights.
  • The flocks of bush-tits (AKA flying golf balls), tiny gray birds who materialize from nowhere, stop for a few seconds or maybe 15, then are off in a huge hurry to the next yard.
  • The crows who patiently and skillfully dig through the oak leaves for something that will sustain them.  They must be successful, because they come back every morning.
  • The flocks of goldfinches, some of them dull, some of them brilliant yellow, who are light enough to hang on this year’s stems and pick out tiny seeds, dropping most of them into the dirt to sprout next spring.

The beauty that is everywhere:

  • Leaves on the sidewalk
  • Fog on spectacular spiderwebs
  • Clouds. Sky.
  • Stars and the moon.
  • Beautiful bare trees in winter.

And, that feeling you get when you dive into deep, cold water on a hot day and you are surrounded by the water and you let yourself be taken where it will take you (not to worry, you always bob to the surface where there’s air).  The feeling of being surrounded by bubbles and of visiting the fish-world and being among little trout.  Swimming underwater toward a waterfall until the bubbles overwhelm you and the water proves once again it is stronger than you are and you let yourself get pushed back and you pop up, and breathe.

Happy Thanksgiving.




The List of Things Lucy is Thankful For 2018

I am thankful for:

  • Access to clean water, good food, and a roof over my head
  • The opportunity of having an overall great elementary school experience
  • Education
  • Books
  • The cats, Spoon and Fender
  • So many great leaders and activists that are working to change our world
  • All those great people out there to support and help me
  • Access to the tools I need for me, myself to start changing the world (education, support, tools, etc.)
  • Reading downstairs in my room
  • The ultimate frisbee team at my school because I made so many good friends
  • DnD/ Dungeons and dragons
  • Early release Wednesdays (because I can always use the break)

Books: Just a few of the most remembered from the many, many i have read this year…

Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 1
Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 2: Exile
Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 3: Everblaze
Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 4: Neverseen
Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 5: Lodestar
Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 6: Nightfall
Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book 7: Flashback
( I can’t wait for the next book)

The Hunger Games
Catching Fire

Harry potter (Now, how many times have I read that series again? At least 10)

Beatrix’s 2018 thanksgiving list 🙏

I’m thankful for-

A healthy environment
A clean earth
A house
A good education
Seattle Gymnastics Academy
Cross country
Tim Hortons
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Civil rights

Aaron’s List (2018)

Finishing (the downstairs) of our lovely little cottage

Bountiful amounts of heat in the winter

Tessa’s new job and watching her continue to flourish in her legal career

Walks with Tess and Rem sauce

Traveling when I can – Tessa, you need to join me more often!

Sunday dinners with Greg and Karima and extended family – Laila and Ben

Drinking IPA’s and disc golf with Ben

One tooth Dan and all of his hard work on the back apartment

“Working” from home far too often

Sandra’s Post

Thanksgiving List

I am grateful for:


Politicians interested in facts

Debate driven by facts

Brilliant comedians who make us laugh when we want to cry

Ahnu hiking boots

Trips that exceed expectations

Traveling companions that exceed expectations ( you know who you are)

The Public Theater in NYC from which came Hamilton and Latin History for Morons

Retirement within view

Friends for the Long Run…my running group

Val who taught me to knit and fixes my mistakes

Sitting on my front porch in a thunderstorm

Tessa’s 2018 list

I missed last year’s list so I will have to make up for it now:

First and foremost I am thrilled to be living in my own home with my sweetie who rebuilt it for me with his own two hands- I am always amazed by your talent and work ethic.

To that end, Aaron and I have had a lot of help making our house a home– looking at you mamma, our garden is spectacular!

I am ever thankful that we found Remy who is my right hand pup- literally he wants to hold hands all the time…

Negotiating and navigating my way into a new job.

Any opportunity to travel with Aaron 🙂

Down comforters, tea, seltzer water, sunshine, artichokes, and daydreaming.

Animal videos, always

Having my sister (from another mister) living back in Buffalo, our dog walks are so wonderful, even when Rems tries to wrestle with Lil’ Baby Gizmo. Also, Yonce’ still breathless.

Patience… mostly other people’s with me.

Good food and leftovers from people who are far more skilled in the kitchen. (especially that salmon Greg)

Special food deliveries from Mamma when she knows its been a long week.

Staying in with my boys and made up songs about Rems.

Gordon’s List 2018

I am thankful for:

  • this tradition which raises my head from the mire at least once a year
  • people who stop at need
  • endless interrupted nights sleep by one who should be old enough to know better
  • cold beautiful mornings
  • warm happy days
  • trips back to Scotland and how sometimes it’s quite nice
  • realizing every now and again that everything I have is really a privileged first world problem
  • home
  • the blue ripple

This is years book:  Ironfoot

Movies: Black Panther, Incredibles 2 (seriously), neither of the Star Wars movies made my day but Solo stands up to second watching

Podcast (NSFW/18): Dragon Friends

This years music, but kinda only ok: Love is Dead, Black Panther Score, Living in Extraordinary Times

Mary Beth’s list

My favorite tradition of the year! I love recapping the good, especially when good feels like it’s in limited supply.

This year, I’m grateful for all of this:

  • Sobriety
  • People’s faith in me to work towards their running goals
  • Patience to heal from injury
  • Tea
  • Writers of color, activists, and people who run for office with the goal of making the world a safer and more equitable place.
  • Spotify–seriously, how long was I going to keep buying CDs and downloading music?
  • Always, books
  • Coffee and breakfast dates with friends
  • Teachers, and an entire school, who care about my children’s safety and success
  • My kids’s ability and willingness to take long bike rides as a family


Book–So You Want To Talk About Race; Sing, Unburied, Sing; Peak Performance

Vacation–Key West, February 2018

Race–Seneca 7 relay, April 2018


Happy Thanksgiving, all! xo

Danika’s 2018 Thanksgiving List

It’s been a heck of a year. As always, thankful for this space and those who share their thoughts!

This year I am most thankful for:

-Kisses, snuggles, hands held and all the affection I still receive from a 9-yr old and nearly 12-yr old.

-Wool and the ability to create increasingly complex garments with my hands.

-Work that I find utterly satisfying and that I excel at. It may have taken me 42 years, but I finally feel I have found my calling!

-A hair stylist, physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, OB/GYN etc that I trust 100% (and many of whom I have been seeing for 18 years).

-Warm house, kind neighbors, easy commute, and various other comforts that make my daily life easier.

-A nice bottle of wine and (sometimes) crappy Netflix shows with my sweetie.

-Black Lives Matter, Me too, and all social justice movements that bring about change and awareness. Keep showing up, people!

-A blue wave!!!!!!!

-Best show- HAMILTON. Duh.  Beyonce was pretty good too.

-Best podcasts- 99% Invisible, The Sporkful, Pod save America/the people

-Best book- Educated by Tara Westover.