Nicole's (very first!) List: Thanksgiving 2007

Wow, as I contemplate all of the things that I am thankful for at the moment, I feel that it’s a daunting task to narrow down the list to a manageable level, but I’ll give it a whirl… This year, I am thankful for:

not having to come back to work until monday AM.. and having the $$ to fly back to see my loved ones all the way on the other side of the country

chicken finger subs

my HLP-  this is how we do, from 92′ till–

the person who invented tacos and burritos… oh, how i will eternally love thee

being finished with school– FOR GOOD!!

flourless chocolate cake

combined yoga and spa lounges

having a cute little apartment over my head, complete with a working fireplace and view of the city lights and san francisco hills

being so close to the ocean… and the mountains… and the city, all at the same time…

80’s clothes coming back onto the fashion circuit… esp. legwarmers, bright colors, and metallics… you my dears bring me right back to being 8 years old when i was dancing to debbie gibson and the fresh prince and my life consisted of equal parts of informal dance competitions and big games of kickball in the street…


falling in love with myself… finally

purple, green, gold, and blue eyeshadow.. ok, maybe not all on the same eye

pumpkin pie, roasted butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and all of the other yummy offerings of fall (which i use to pretend that there are actually seasons out here!)

finding my voice and learning to listen to- and follow- my heart 

linguine with white clam sauce… with a side of crusty, fresh bread of course!

my robe

living in a city with so much live music!

karate kid, pt. I

my super warm and comfy bed

red wine, esp. zinfandel, temperanillo, and malbec

the kids that i work with

the new common cd

fresh, yummy spicy tuna rolls

MJB’s first album… the whole damn thing 

finally having health and dental insurance!

lazy days at the spa


Wow, I could go on forever– Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tessa's List

Yumiko leotards yes indeed they are yumi

new tights

new kind of pointe shoes that so far have worked out so much better than i thought they would

coffee after rehearsal with the ballet girls

partnering class especially when i don’t punch my partner in the face…. it was an accident i swear.
passing my driving test even without proper proof of my corrected vision… yay for doing a vision test in the middle of the road. and for a driving test guy that had no problem driving for me during the test … i think i won him over with my smile  haha

corrected vision…. tyerrifying experience overall but overall great results… i am finally starting to get out of the habit of reaching for my glasses evry morning.

Leftovers from the amazing cooks in my life …even if i can’t eat half of the stuff they make

youtube once again for ballet videos

oddly enough cabbage soup

extensions on papers

getting to work at a library

taking as many dance classes as i want for free…well almost as many

Driving instructors that are patient when im not

having time to read at my job  at the library

Christmas decorations

finishing a term paper ..ahead of time

having friends that live in different places and the open invitation to stay there


most importantly
having a supportive network that enables me to follow my heart, no matter how crazy it is or how crazy it or I get

hrmmm well as far as books go ive been so busy the only types of books iminterested in reading are nonsense books, which can be nice too

music red hot chili peppers the doors wolfmother robert plant etc

movies: ummm haven’t seen too many darjeling express was the last pretty good a little weird but good

My List of Thanks…

A new career

only 3 more semesters of college tuition (and expenses)

figuing out my computer does more than word documents (it spills chek two)

the reaction you get when you do something nice for someone you don’t know

yelling at your child, and afterwards they say “thanks for interferring”




now I only wish everything else in my life only cost $49.95 a month

A person cominig up to me to say  “you really have a good kid”

pistachio gelato

Last years Thanks Giving

being laughed at; at our local gym for reading the paper on the ab machine instead of using it 

learning from yesterday and growing tomorrow

our new stove

recent meal: curried chicken with pears

movie: they all seem to stink in recent times

book: the cult classic… “Everyone Poops”

Maureen's Thanksgiving List 2007

Living in Japan for two years
positive intercultural relations
weddings and celebrations
reconnecting with friends and family
healthy, growing babies!
newborn twins
supportive and loving husbands
Lifesavers Training Corp
family heirlooms
people who flash you a smile as you pass by
a mocha with whipped cream
good listeners
cars that work and get you from point A to point B
gift cards
friendly neighbors
soldiers who come home safely from Irag
inspiring teachers and educators
free time to travel
new beginnings

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Happy Thanksgiving, may the turkey and cranberry flow!

Rachel's (first ever) Thanksgiving List 2007

  • Hearing Dan putter around the house and having him leave messes because that means he’s home from the hospital
  • Short drip from Caffe Ladro
  • Eating produce that I grew
  • Canning produce that I don’t know how to grow
  • Yurts
  • Cheap, decent wine from Trader Joe’s
  • Trail running with my husband
  • Conveyor belt sushi
  • Conversely, eating a 75% local Thanksgiving this year
  • Dog kisses after a long day at the hospital or work
  • Happy, smiley Lucy (the image of Lucy securely sucking Gordon’s nose is forever seared in my memory)
  • Good, attentive nurses
  • Ahava skin care
  • My free cell phone
  • Attention to detail
  • Having the patience to wait for the perfect job opportunity
  • the Bellevue Transit Center and my free bus pass
  • Cooking with stainless steel
  • Boden
  • Drinking cheap wine and eating pizza with close friends
  • Being able to be a part of this post

Sandra's Thanksgiving List 2007

Gratitude for

Cool, crisp air meeting you at the door and forecasting winter
Unexpected memory from a smell, sound, touch
The presence of one who shifts family dynamics to a kinder, warmer
place – Thanks E
Seeing what you teach learned
My ‘church ladies’
New Zealand white
Laila’s blog
Having the love of wonderfully made food be such a link between so many of us
Finding my dog Rosie after a 3 hour search
St. Anthony (refer to above)
The chance to live somewhere where people say, ‘Good on you’

Have a blessed day everyone

Favorite movie: The Sea Inside
Not a good year for me in book choices
Loving having Elliott’s music in the house – don’t know names

Karima's 2007 list

Being a grandmother !!!
video ichats
photos of Lucy
photography in general
having such a fabulous extended family (you know who you are!)
getting the NY Times delivered to my doorstep every Sunday morning (Thanks Greg)
an abundance of high quality, locally grown produce
getting comped something at a restaurant
finding money unexpectedly in a pocket, or anywhere for that matter
sharp scissors
my clothesline
the public library
good reads
flowers growing in sidewalk cracks
people who hold the elevator for you as you run to make it
knitting and happy recipients
heirloom tomatoes in the garden
food blogs
amber body oil from Sabon (Thanks Tess)
getting a real letter in my mailbox (Thanks Sandra)
putting on a meal together with Greg
having children that love a good meal AND create many of their own
that Luna is still with us and (barely) kicking
airplanes that bring us to loved ones and far-away places
my neighborhood
That Gordon spells “favorite” with a “u”

Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
Movie: Sweet Land
Live performance: Detroit Jazz Festival, esp. Regina Carter and
Stanley Jordon
Blog: of course, my children’s, which include
Gordon and Danika’s at
Laila’s at
( check them out! ) and smitten kitchen at
meal: Le Maurice-Paris; for the theatrics of it all
Saying: “Our business in life is not to succeed, but to continue to fail in good spirits. ‘ Robert Louis Stevenson

Laila's Thanksgiving 2007 List

Being an auntie

Online photosharing, especially by the most prolific couple in the world who are constantly supplying my need for more little Lucy pictures


Surprise Sabres tickets

Tasty Tuesday with the girls, good food and wine and all the new additions to our crew this year

Weddings-specifically for getting together with old friends and meeting new, special ones, or one

Books on CD that make long drives more bearable

Triple cream cheese

Vegetable ash

Good running shoes

Supportive workplaces

Having an assistant

Watching my best friend transform from intern to doctor

Sunday dinners


Food blogging

Frequent flier miles

Storm windows

When I make the coffee juuuuuuuuust right

Jazzfest (and my job paying for me to get to New Orleans!)

Trappist monks


Shinto shrines and blessings from around the world


I hate posting this because then later I always think of more things. 

Favorite Book:  Middlesex, old, I know, but I just read it

Favorite Movie: Don’t really know but I just watched Bread and Tulips and liked it

Favorite Meal: Ibiza in New Haven

Favorite Song/CD: Well, I was briefly obsessed with Tegan and Sara, followed by another brief obsession with M.I.A

Favorite Website/Blog:  well, of course!

Gordon's List for 2007

It’s been a big year, and one of the fastest ever.

  • Firefox remembering passwords (made this post easier)
  • Important things going according to plan
  • A baby who sleeps (shame about the early mornings though)
  • Capturing instants of time
  • Laughing babies
  • The sound of the coffee grinder
  • Butter
  • Can I say Besalu every year?
  • Danika not giving birth the night I was stuck on the I-90 bridge in a snowstorm
  • Everything just being better than expected regarding the little one

As always the favourites are more an instant grab-bag than a carefully considered list:

Favourite Movie:

You know, so little is leaping to mind that I’m almost tempted to go with Music and Lyrics, which is just embarrassing, but I did watch it twice willingly so its not really that bad. However after research I’m going to have to say that 300 beat out both the Bourne Ultimatum (easily) and 3:10 to Yuma (just). Music and Lyrics is still almost in the running for popcorn.

Favourite TV:

Heroes Season 1 watched in batch long after if was on TV.

Favourite Book:

Unlike movies, a good year for books. I’m going to go with The Lies of Locke Lamora – thanks Martin.

Favourite Pizza:

Special one-off category for Waterfront Pizza in Port Townsend.

Favourite New Toy:

My 50-mm Nikon Lens (and you thought I would say iPhone, shame on you) – even though it’s from the end of last year and probably shouldn’t count!

Favourite Meal:

Danika’s new stew recipe. I’ve been to lots of restaurants this year, and enjoyed most of them, but my memory is failing me here and I don’t want to say something recent only because I remember it.

Favourite Music/CD::


Laughter in a Time of War or Walking Into Battle With The Lord from A Singsong & A Scrap, Chumbawamba


The Con, Tegan and Sara

Lily Allen was probably in second place for both of these categories.

Favourite Saying:

I’ve given up on Quotes of the Day, so I’m going to go with:

“Only pee-pees in poopie land” – g


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