Lucy’s Thanksgiving list

Lucy’s Thankful List
(Alphabetic order)

I am thankful for…
Clean Water
Good Living Conditions
Healthy Food Options
People Who Care
People/Things That I Care About
The Ocean Cleanup (an organization that is working on cleaning up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch)

Laila's 2017 list

regularly scheduled raises

little dogs


date nights

neighbor friends

people who vote and protest


new moons, full moons and in-between moons, in that order

porch swings that are wide enough for naps

impromptu trips, group trips, family trips

daybreak in the mountains

sturdy feet and  sense of adventure

getting better at laughing at myself


Best meal: Belcanto in Lisbon with Ben

Best fiction book: The Sport of Kings

Best non-fiction book: Trading Twelves

Best movie: Band-Aid

Best live show: Girlfriend at Gasa Gasa, Corey Henry at Blue Nile

Best new music: Princess Nokia

Best podcast: Another Round


Mary Beth's List

What a year, non? This year, among other things, I am profoundly grateful for:

* friendships that still hold up after many years of living and growing

* flavored seltzer combined with nuun hydration tablets

* my running coach, who has been patient and wise and has shepherded my running back to a healthy place

* our new sheepadoodle puppy, Archie, who helped heal our hearts after the loss of our beloved Cosmo last winter

* the ability to travel and for excellent traveling companions

* wise yoga instructors, acupuncturists and massage therapists

* the kernel of excitement that I hope to grow into something fulfilling and sustainable

* my kids’ love of sports and being able to watch them learn new skills

Best of 2017


  • “Dear White People”
  • “Insecure”
  • “Stranger Things”
  • “Game of Thrones”


  • Breakfast overlooking the Pacific at Arenas Del Mar resort (the mango pancakes and gallo pinto especially)


  • Homegoing, Yaa Gyasi
  • I’m Judging You, Luvvie Ajayi
  • Shrill: Notes From A Loud Woman, Lindy West
  • Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates


  • Costa Rica, Arenas Del Mar resort in Manuel Antonio, February
  • Portland/Bend/Seattle for solar eclipse, August
  • Denver, friend trip, October


Beatrix’s Thanksgiving list

I am thankful for…
Wild waves
Seattle gymnastics academy
Hillary Clinton
Birthday party’s
Barack Obama
Dried strawberries
Appel cider
Animal jam
Cross country
Frozen blueberries
American girl dolls
American girl doll things


Gordon's 2017 List

This year, family restrictions as always:

  • solar eclipse
  • house insurance, seriously
  • getting away
  • the enchantments with sweetie
  • crazy big get togethers with food, family, friends and wine
  • my nerdy/geeky background coming through ftw
  • knowing finally what ftw means


  • the great Iain M Banks re-read
  • also re-reading LOTR with Lucy, the words just roll
  • Uprooted by Naomi Novik


  • Rogue One
  • The Expanse Series One (thanks Martin!)


  • too many podcasts and not many new things
  • Beside Myself by Sheryl Crow (return to form, best thing this year)

Gene's list

  1. Freddie’s Lawn Service. Yes, I am blessed to have a bunch of guys (actually, two guys) to clean up my lawn every fall and spring.
  2. Naomi and Marilyn (‘s Cleaning Service). Yes, I am blessed to have this team help me (that is, Sandra; I don’t clean much anyway) to help clean our home every 3 weeks.
  3. Liquid soap. (Yes, I suppose there is a theme to this list.) I don’t think the rest of my family shares my attachment to this modern (well, 50 years?) development; I perform a weekly maintenance check and refill regimen; one of my few successful house maintenance tasks. Cheers!

Phyllis' List

  • Friends who love to laugh out loud and appreciate the magic and transcendence in baring our souls to each other
  • Doing work that is challenging, fulfilling, stressful and fun, and getting paid for it!
  • Only 3 more years to retirement
  • Being the caretakers of cats who enjoy being cuddled and hugged.
  • Having an acupuncturist who keeps me healthy and moving without pain.
  • Snow and lots of it for cross country skiing. I never get enough of taking in the colors and shapes of the forest and the beauty of the snow on the trees.
  • Overcoming the fear of riding my new road bike. She is a beautiful teal blue and fits me like a glove. I took her over hill and dale in the Tug Hill plateau this summer. We are so happy together!
  • Finding a new restaurant in Syracuse, Fabio’s, that has decor reminiscent of Buffalo’s Salvatore’s Italian Garden ( more tasteful, I think). Their eggplant parmesan with a light smoky under layer of flavor melts in your mouth.
  • The movie Hidden Figures. Should have gotten an Oscar and Academy Award.
  • The book, The Mind That Changes Itself. It inspires me to avoid saying never.

Elliott's list

  • Fingers, eyes, white-collar brawn and stamina
  • Problem figuring out where to put all the books
  • The local library, worldcat, and inter-library loans
  • The university library, worldcat, and inter-library loans
  • Easy returns for ‘delivery clothes shopping’
  • Soccer boots with removable insoles (actually not easy to find) and the Brazilians who sell them
  • (yes Karima!) Street signs (accurate and readable) — since moving to Boston this has been much more appreciated
  • Art with colors
  • Mattresses
  • In-unit laundry (this may be a repeat)
  • Car sharing services
  • Airlines
  • Autumn gales where the leaves fill the skies like so many murmurations
  • Insurance
  • Professional mentorship
  • Teachers who teach by doing/showing
  • Partner/kid/family who love to cook!


Fiction: Lettres de mon moulin by Alphonse Daudet

Non-fiction: The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt

Best Meal: O’s first foray into pizza-making, with Zia C

Cory’s list for 2017

For starters, I want to second Greg’s Sunday morning laziness. Especially lazy Sunday mornings with this guy. We’ve been calling the weekends ‘Family Days’ and I am so thankful for family days.

I am also thankful for:

  • Gratitude
  • imagination
  • video calling
  • camping
  • a job that balances community impact and family time
  • beimg part of a team with diverse talents
  • the first Unitarian church of Chicago
  • chocolate ice cream flavored with bourbon and lapsong suchang (sp?)
  • solar eclipse
  • Chance the Rapper (rapper) and Social Works (his NPO focused on improving life for Chicago youth)

TV: stranger things

Book: potty training in three days

Concert: the roots at lost lake festival

President: Obama









Greg' List

Basking in the comfort of finally being back home after a wonderful 2 week European vacation, I have so much to be thankful for.

Good linen, a comfortable mattress and Sunday morning laziness;

Bikes, trails, a fairly long biking season, biking buddies who don’t take this biking thing too seriously, sharing lunch and a cocktail with them at some point during a 25+ mile trip, and a solo ride once or twice a week in addition;

Retirement, the first year was pretty darn awesome and the start of this second year has not ebbed my enthusiasm for the concept;

The affordability of solar panels. Yes there will be a purchase in the coming year at the Willowlawn Estate;

Travel with a worthy adventurer, let’s see last year was San Diego, Orangeburg, Mexico, the St. Joseph’s Day New Orleans road trip with stops in N.C.,  NOLA, Orangebhurg, D.C., then Ballard, Portugal and Spain, which brings us to Thanksgiving in Chicago with the fam!!! Isn’t this retirement thing awesome;

Jazz and its ever increasing availability and a spouse that appreciates my appreciation of same;

Roaring fires in our fireplace;

Our new awning in the backyard;

A summer of grilling and now a fall and winter featuring comfort food.


There were so many good ones

Scott Tixier a french jazz violinist.


I Called Him Morgan (Documentary on the life of Jazz Muscian Lee Morgan);

Chasin’  Trane (John Coltrane Documentary)

Wonder Woman


Malala talk at U.B.


As usual it’s the most recent read, The Man From Mars by Robert Heinlien.